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*EDIT* Changed it back for now.. it looks fine in firefox to me, but IE and safari looked terrible.
Leave comments with board addition requests/updates too please.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s a bit hard to read for me, personally. Either make the size bigger or change the font to something less chunky.

  2. Anonymous

    It looks as big as usual to me, same as Overchan had it right? Looking at it from mobile right now, looks fine.

  3. alien9

    Looks fine to me, then again, I’m looking at this on a 27″ flat panel. If you can, how about bumping the font size up one, 10>12, 12>14… ^v^

  4. Daev

    It’s probably large enough, but that font is really hard to read. Is it possible to switch to a nice Georgia or Arial?

  5. Anon

    Not too small, but the font itself is hard to read. That font is designed for large text and titles, not lists.

  6. Anonymous

    change to font to something less stupid. simple Arial would be fine. even comic sans would be better than that bullshit

  7. Anonymous

    The gray on blue is bad, its hard to read. The width of the bar is too narrow, too many lines are wrapped. The original style that on 2ch was much better.

    1. Anonymous

      I have just realized why I am the only one complaining about the width of the bar. The column % has been change to look better on high resolutions, at 1024×768 it really gets small.

      1. Anonymous

        I did change the width %, mostly because on a lower resolution screen (14.1″ laptop or phone) its still plenty wide to see all the board names and doesnt waste board space. I will change the font and coloring back soon, need to get to a better computer for that.

  8. Anonymous

    The font and color are the same that I always see. I don’t understand this grey and blue nonsense, it’s been black on grey/grey on white when extended since I’ve been coming here, and the font is super standard, looks like Arial but even easier to read. Ya’ll niggers need to lay off the pcp.

  9. Anonymous

    Looks great in Firefox, Chrome, Stainless, and Midori for me.

    >using IE or Safari
    le shiggy donatello

    also, maybe add sportschan?