Upgrades coming soon *Upgrade Complete*

Upgrades coming soon *Upgrade Complete*

Moving to the next tier of cloudflare in a few days… should have AllChans cached in more countries for faster loading/reliability soon.? This will also allow a cached menu during host downtime.. which is pretty often.? Also adding new chans tomorrow, post a reply here with requests.

2 thoughts on “Upgrades coming soon *Upgrade Complete*

  1. alien9

    Here are a couple new downs and one new up:

    Orange has taken her personal page to Tumblr (all her OrangeChan pages re-direct there now), meaning the chan is gone.

    baraspot is gone for weeks.

    RockStarChan is now closed by admins. The new site, FERMIFIRE, is here –

    The new xChan ( has a working front page, but no boards work for some time now.

    Nido is gone, although the front page re-directs here (this is a new chan):