New Additions- AltChan, KiChan, Xchan

New Additions- AltChan, KiChan, Xchan

Fixed nahc4‘s links.

Added AltChan

Added XChan

Added Kichan

Removed several dead sites, and sites which were no longer imageboards.

In other news…

it seems the jews that run my contact form plugin decided to start charging $20 for the plugin, they also went ahead and deleted all the forms I had.. so in the meantime until I remake contact forms, just leave comments on this or other posts.? No login is needed to post.? If you post a link it will be held for moderation until I approve it.

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8 thoughts on “New Additions- AltChan, KiChan, Xchan

  1. alien9

    Couple recent downs here:

    Erotic-info-Chan: “The Domain name is on the DBL (Domain Block List).
    In order to get it delisted please visit .

    63chan 404’s for several weeks now.

    Bearchan: “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 11/17/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion”.

    1. nahc4 Post author

      Thanks, Ive been watching 63chan (which also hosted Its too bad since the guy was great at making additions to the board software. I would have donated to keep his $4/month godaddy account going .

      1. alien9

        I couldn’t tell if Grumpy had left for good; left then come back; or what lol. Over the past year, posting had fallen off to nothing, then /i/ began a revival of sorts in the site’s last few weeks. There was a bit of trolling, then one day it was gone.

        I’m orig from 711Chan. Same thing. After a couple DDoS’s/dp’s a year; admins fucking the site up (including shutting it down as a prank)… well, one day either the end of last year or early on this year, it just completely disappeared. Check it out:

      1. alien9

        Bearchan is not listed, so like a heads up nb4 I suppose.

        63chan: I don’t know what happened. Some posts on /i/ and I certainly got into it near the end though.