New Sidebar Feature – Top Visited Chans

New Sidebar Feature – Top Visited Chans

New Feature live! ?on the left side bar frame you will see the first 3 listings are “Top Today” “Top Week” and “Top Month” each showing the top 50 boards visited in each category which is automatically updated every half hour or so.

wow new feature

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9 thoughts on “New Sidebar Feature – Top Visited Chans

    1. allchans Post author

      I had to turn it off.. it was live, but due to unforeseen bug I disabled it for a bit.. I have to let the old data purge out before I can turn it back on :/

  1. alien9

    Likes this. Nice for the stats, but also for users looking for a quick fix as well.

    I tried to post just now in that walls threat at the top of /b/ and got some kind of warning/exception (image is way under 1 MB). Hmmm…

    1. allchans Post author

      I disabled posting on nahc4 due to recent CP spamming. It will remain disabled until I get a new backup script in case the site gets wiped with spam.

  2. alien9

    Sorry to hear about the spam. Good move though on your part. Couple weeks back, we had an attempt at s-q-l inject, and Coder apparently stopped it in its tracks. Don’t know the details though.