New Boards: 888chan

New Boards: 888chan

Added 888chan to the listing.
Updated a few boards, got tired and gave up on others at this time.

Post comments on this post with new sites to add and down sites and sites infested with spam/CP/other nasty stuff.


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4 thoughts on “New Boards: 888chan

  1. Herpaderp

    Just a quick ty for the board, used Overchan 2 for years and now that its gone I use this. Good stuff

  2. faggot

    Why isn’t there efchan? It’s the best chan. Shit great. There’s only one board but fuck that’s all you need because it’s the shit. I mean god damn it’s fucking great please put that shit in there. Thank you. I also love you.

    1. allchans Post author

      Well, its hard to strike a balance on this questionable content without filtering out too many popular boards. I have yet to see any CP on that site – and I haven’t clicked any of those linking in sites at the bottom – but as of right now since the site doesn’t have any CP and is well modded I will keep it up. I’ve talked with the owner about the content and if I see CP on there it’s gone. There are a lot of sites on here that get spammed with CP links too.

      I am interested in peoples thoughts on this though, because I was very reluctant to add the site and only did in favor of having a chan listing that doesn’t filter out content as long as its legal.