Hanako – Image Board Software

Hanako – Image Board Software

New imageboard software has been developed?using node.js called Hanako.

Hanako – is a modernized and highly functional engine for anonymous forum (imageboard), which combines wide opportunities and capabilities of Wakaba and Kusaba along with easiness in configuration. It can be used “as is”, and can also be modified to suit your needs, which is facilitated by the open source and commenting possibility of the code. Particularly worth mentioning is its high operational speed and fault tolerance.

More information and guides here: Hanako Image Board Software


At least one other node.js based imageboard software is out there that Ill feature soon as well. ? Comments here do not require logins, which board software is best and why?

3 thoughts on “Hanako – Image Board Software

  1. allchans Post author

    I cant even remember all the ones I’ve used in the past, but ones that stuck out to me:
    Tervorchan, Thorn, Kusaba, KusabaX and probably 3 that I am missing.

  2. Anonymous

    Tinyboard looked promising there for awhile.
    Before the devs became greedy pricks by charging for support . Then secretly discussed in public IRC channel about breaking the tinyboard built-in captcha script just get people to buy support and DCMA takedown any site that posted the fix.