Most Popular Imageboards

Most Popular Imageboards

Here is a list of the top 40 most visited imageboards for the past month on AllChans:

Imageboard Name Board/Link random Animated GIF Sexy Beautiful Women Sexy Women Sexy Beautiful Women /s/ – SEXY BITCHES /b/ – Virginchan Porn Video Games Porn Hardcore /h/ – Hentai hentai /b/ – Random Request Hentai/Alternative Sexy Women /b/ – Random random /loli/ – Loli /sex/ – Sexo /cs/ – Chicas Comics & Cartoons Straight Shotacon /b/ – Fortuitous Folly hentai Gagged Girls Animated Gifs Anime & Manga /s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women /34/ – There is porn of it. /s/ – Sexy Frauen /9/ – Five /b/ – *Random* /adult/ /s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women hentai Sexy Beautiful Traps Willekeurig (18+)

5 thoughts on “Most Popular Imageboards

    1. allchans Post author

      I’ll post a longer updated one in the next few days – I didnt save the list from last time I ran the report. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Derp

      Ill put up another soon, the more often they are posted the less the list varies so its a double edge there.

    2. Derp

      The reason I havent done it yet is that I looked at the links a few days ago and the list pretty much looked the same. I will have more links in the next one.