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  1. Anon

    Hey, I have a request: Can you link to the HTTPS URLs of boards that support SSL instead of the HTTP ones?

    1. allchans Post author

      Do you have an example of one? I have not noticed any. I would like to test and make sure its possible.

        1. allchans Post author

          I can do it on future boards easily – going through the boards out there and making this change is a big job. You can’t tell looking at the links here if they support it or not so I would have to goto each site and see if it is supported. Possibly a quick find and replace with https:// could be done for each supported chan.
          Is there much of a benefit? If doing it only protects people looking for illegal content I’m not really interested in going out of my way to help that cause. But I figure most of those types are behind a VPN so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Ive noticed a lot of boards go back and forth on using cloudflare too.

          1. anon

            It’s a way to help protect user privacy and safety. For example, if you log in to a board on a non-SSL connection, someone can listen and steal your login credentials.

          2. allchans Post author

            I have an update planned this week – I can do 4chan for sure and test some other boards to see who supports it.