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I need some ideas for the re-design of AllChans in a way that removes HTML frames, and switches to only linking out to main pages of websites rather than individual boards.

Comments are open.. no signup needed!  I would prefer to stick with word press since it can be updated anywhere and is easy to manage.


I am visioning a 3 column theme – left column would be a list of links to all boards.  Center column for news/updates.  Right column for a tag cloud for boards,  recent posts, categories.  Any direction on a wordpress theme is appreciated!

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  1. Dan

    Never use WordPress.

    U can not load any HTML Content “into” a page like u can display with frames.

    Maybe change from frameset to a scalable iframe. But there is no way without frames (or ugly popups^^)

    1. K/D

      you can putte html in a page, blog post and sued work whit widgets ….

      so like hier on the richt side you cued use a widget whit html code ore you cued

      WordPress is a cms so …. you can bend it to your pleasing
      but a little bit of effort is need it

      but i look a round fore your concept and if i find something interesting ill post a link fore you

  2. Anonymous

    just use a popular wp theme which satisfies your requirements and then customize. no need to start anew.

    1. Anonymous

      yup that is pretty much the plan, I am just having some trouble finding a theme that will work with this unique setup. Most of the latest themes are single page and dont have side menu bars. Thanks