Allchans is (currently) a clone of Overchan V0.2 which has officially been deemed dead from?future updates.? AllChans will continue to provide frame browsing of nearly all chans on the interwebs and will continue to be updated on a much more regular basis when compared to overchan.? For now.. it is a direct clone of overchan’s menu bar, I hope to update it soon for ease of adding boards, but since the announcement of overchans death has been such a surprise I wanted to get this going asap. Normally I wouldn’t just up and copy a website, but I don’t want to see Overchan disappear.? After a large update removing dead boards and adding some more along with a homepage facelift AllChans slogan will be Overchan V.3 in honor of the work put into this idea to keep the legacy going.

AllChans believes in free speech and an open internet, however illegal content is not allowed and if spotted on a linked site should be reported using this form.

Original Overchan V2

Overchan V2.2