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My goal is to build out a post for each image board and add tags which can be searched or found using the tag cloud on the side bar. I cannot keep the old style of direct board links up to date anymore, it is too much work. Many times I was adding new sites by request only to removed them a week later when the website goes down.

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  1. Derp


  2. Anonymous

    Well now the old list is down too. Pls fix
    Yes I browsed the dead sites, some of them had posts as far back as 2011 and it was fun to look back at what the internet was like back then, don’t judge me

    1. All Chans I havent put much effort into testing… but its broken I assume because allchans uses secure http now.. so you cant just use frames like in the past to load a website within a website. You can control click to open each link to a new tab though. Sad to say the old style of frame browsing is dead.

      1. Anonymous

        Alright, I can live with that compromise, thank you for supporting and maintaining the site after all this time

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