Quick Note about Requesting Additions

I get about 4-5 new board addition requests a week. 90% of them fall into categories of being either empty of content except a few test posts, filled with what is obviously the same person posting random junk to make the board look active, or they have names that would get this site further flagged on search engines (aka explicit pron names). I usually don’t add these – for the most part these boards don’t have a community and are not active and are more likely to be spammed and not monitored. Many of them are dead if I check back a couple months later to see if things have improved. When a real email is provided I try and let people know and often hear back they need to be added to get a community of posters. That just isn’t true on these sites because 99% of their boards are the same boards found on many of these other sites so there is nothing unique to draw in a community.

If any of you write the software used for imageboards, I think one of the best tools that could be added is email notification to admins of new posts. This feature would let these smaller less active boards stop spam and delete illegal posting quicker. Back in the day I had bugged the creator of Thorn (I think) for this feature and it was implemented I think only for me, but that project I believe is long gone. In haven’t run an imageboard in a couple years now so maybe this is something baked into the newer software choices. It was a huge help though.

Unrelated to this post about low quality submissions I did get a request for ~5 different boards today that appear to be worth adding. I will try and vet and get them added in the next week.

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  1. Anonymous


    This one seems not completely dead, and it feels like it has some soul to it, even if it’s just grown men in their 40s role-playing like it’s 2006.

    1. DEUS

      I will roleplay when I want and where I want
      Persecute me at your own peril

    2. All Chans

      Added, didnt make a post though because its just a single board with low traffic.

  2. Leop

    Hey Allchans, could you add audiochan?
    Audiochan is the first audio-imageboard, where anyone anonymously can make threads and comment with audio instead of plain text.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Anonymous

    The ChAnon.ro website has closed, you can exclude it from their status. You can add iro2.com and nordchan.net

    1. All Chans

      This is why I wait with additions, iro2.com and nordchan.net are both dead for me already.

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