BoatChan is Back! – JK its Dead was taken down by its host without warning, so consider visiting and posting to help rebuild.

Marking dead as of 5/5/22 but it was dead a few weeks ago.

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  1. Anonymous

    Test comment

  2. Somebois

    down for a bit, i gotta pay for it so it should be back up tonight i swear lol

    1. Allchans

      Looks down again. Is it coming back?

  3. Somebois

    Alright boatchan is back up had to do something with my domain so its not like its insane

  4. jm

    Without thinking more than I think about the list or directory of Chans indicates the decline of Chans for serious research. What happened? I suspect that we as Internet movers and shakers have seen too much strange and suspicious content hiding below the surface. In the basements of the Chans. Or in the perverted and horrifying hidden Rooms – enter Ye who sinks into the pit of bottomless perversions of indescribable horrors. We know if the Rooms called to us but who knows if we entered? Those days are past and some are lost wandering the Halls of Chans of Empty Rooms. That, my friends, may go the way of Patty’s Pig.

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