Let me know if any obvious image boards are missing. I think things are pretty caught up. I even went poking through old emails of requests I had initially declined for being empty of content and too new. I can’t say I am shocked, but 99% of them are dead links.

Leave a comment below, no login needed and let me know, or use the request form.

Im digging in my 2011 AIDS folder tonight. Memes have evolved a bit.

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  1. Anonymous

    i dont think 2chan is on here its thesite that inspired moot to make 4chan

  2. All Chans

    In the past I’ve avoided adding non-english boards because I cannot inspect them well. A couple exceptions have been ones that translate easily or have at least 1 English board or are large enough that they are well moderated and easy enough to navigate. In the past I dont remember being able to navigate 2chan well, but now a few years later when I look on mobile it seems to auto translate to English well enough I will add it.

  3. Anonymous

    indiachan is missing i think

    1. All Chans

      whats the address for indiachan? Didn’t see anything active when googling and doesn’t exist. If you comment with the link itll probably be held for spam moderation, but Ill still see it. Thanks

      1. Bhangali Anon

  4. Anonymous is missing

  5. All Chans

    added – when I saw the name I expected something cardi b themed

      1. Bhangladeshi Bhangijeet

        so? Mootxico too blocks mobile traffic nigga

      2. Bhangladeshi Bhangijeet

        It’s bhangladeshi (bangladeshi) that’s why only a user with VPN or bhangladeshi ip can access it.

  6. Anonymous
    they are a spanish imageboard

  7. Bhangladeshi Bhangijeet

    bro add a brazilian imageboard and replacement of dead 55chan

  8. All Chans

    Thanks – added to menu, I will make a post for this one soon.

  9. All Chans

    “Mootxico blocks mobile traffic” 50% of the traffic here is desktop and the other 50% can read what they need to do on the homepage of Mootxico.

    Less than 0.1% of traffic on here is from Bangladesh and the Cloudflare block doesn’t say what country you need to set a VPN on to get in so it would be a dead link to most. What’s the point of a geo block if you want people to use a VPN specific to the country anyway? I would assume they don’t want traffic that is 99.9% not from their country.

    I have only been adding foreign sites that are easily translated (usually automatic by chrome) and a country specific VPN is another layer of effort. Otherwise its too much work for me to do my quick checks.

    1. Bhangladeshi Bhangijeet

      sorry saar i’ve got it but, thnks for adding VHS Chan saar

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