I think someone is trying to DDOS Allchans?? The front end was fast still since its usually 100% cached by cloudflare and 0 downtime from it, but the back end slow.. using 400% CPU. Flipping “I’m under attack” on in cloudflare fixed it instantly… so everyone will have to deal with the verification for a bit!

I was going in to make some updates, but I guess I’ll wait a few more days for things to settle.

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  1. ace

    did you figure out how to secure your site.

    1. All Chans

      Yeah, cloudflare is great. Ive always had a complex unique password to the back end but what I did not realize is that bots have been attempting to log in thousands of times a day. Now I’ve added a login limiter and it has cut it down to just a few attempts a day.

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