Any Missing Image Boards?

If you know of any somewhat active or better image boards out there that should be added, leave a comment. No login needed to comment.. just make sure you leave a link to the site (your comment will be held for moderation but I will see it)

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  1. anon

    1. All Chans

      I was getting ready to add them but I see their server died, all content was lost and itll be a bit before it is back up. Ill try again in a few days/weeks.

  2. Anonymous

    Add the webring. Start here:

    Also, where is the side panel with all the imageboards?

    1. All Chans

      The side panel browsing was removed, it was really out of date. It is a ton of manual work to keep that thing updated and not sure when or if it’ll be back. I preferred it as well, although the internet doesnt seem to like frames and embedding sites anymore… that is also becoming a dead form of web design.

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