22Chan was made as an alternative to 4chan by people who were tired of the endless pornposting and low quality content. The current list of boards is below:

News on 4/19/22, the owner is shutting down the site. Discussion on livechan sounds promising that it will be relaunched soon so I will keep it listed on AllChans for now. The /b/ is still working today. The rest look to be 404.

screenshot of 22chan on 4/28/2022

Marking as dead 11-30-2022 It has been going to a cloudflare 404 page for a few weeks now.

RE-added 5-5-23 screenshot above is from this date.

12-12-23 screenshot

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  1. Anonymous

    Their /pol/ got removed?

  2. Anonymous

    Their pol board got removed

  3. Anon

    Their /pol/ is gone

  4. anon

    Chan is dead

  5. Anonymous

    still alive…

  6. Anonymous

    Nope it’s dead.

  7. Anonymous

    how can they be dead if they just re-added /f/?

  8. Anonymous

    RIP never really liked this spinoff that much to be honest

  9. Anonymous

    the errors have been resolved…

  10. Anonymous

    Good to see see this site still up and running.

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