22Chan was made as an alternative to 4chan by people who were tired of the endless pornposting and low quality content. The current list of boards is below:

/all/On this board all posts from all boards are listed
/pol/Politically Incorrect
/sewers/The sewers of 22chan
/a/Anime & Manga
/vg/Video Games & Games General
/i/Art & Creativity

News on 4/19/22, the owner is shutting down the site. Discussion on livechan sounds promising that it will be relaunched soon so I will keep it listed on AllChans for now. The /b/ is still working today. The rest look to be 404.

screenshot of 22chan on 4/28/2022

Marking as dead 11-30-2022 It has been going to a cloudflare 404 page for a few weeks now.

RE-added 5-5-23 screenshot above is from this date.

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  1. Anonymous

    Their /pol/ got removed?

  2. Anonymous

    Their pol board got removed

  3. Anon

    Their /pol/ is gone

  4. anon

    Chan is dead

  5. Anonymous

    still alive…

  6. Anonymous

    Nope it’s dead.

  7. Anonymous

    how can they be dead if they just re-added /f/?

  8. Anonymous

    RIP never really liked this spinoff that much to be honest

  9. Anonymous

    the errors have been resolved…

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