Board Cleanup – Removals

A few dead boards have been removed due to extended downtime.  16chan.xzy,,,,

22chan has posted a link to which is a chatroom for the site.

If anyone has any history on what happened to these sites or know if they have changed domains or plan on relaunching, feel free to comment. No login needed to comment, but comments with links are held for moderation.

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  1. fuck fuck

    no this shit again…

    1. Hive Moot


      16chan actually did die. The owner was Vanned by the Feds. but Hivechan did not actually die. It was down temporarily because of server maintainance issues. I apologize for the delays. If you don’t believe me, check out the URL yourself and you’ll see it is back up now

      1. Source?

        ’16chan actually did die. The owner was Vanned by the Feds.’
        How do you know that/ source?

  2. Anonymous

    Rest in peaces

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