AllChans Turns 10!

Today, 8-18-2022 marks 10 years since I started AllChans. This site goes back to the days of for me which I visted on a regular basis. When the owner m0hey.p0ri posted he was shutting down I decided to buy a domain and keep things going.

For the first year AllChans grew quick but after that time it seemed like the image board community was dying – major chans were disappearing and with little new support for image board software the smaller sites started popping up less and less while others died. I assume it was platforms like facebook, twitter, and reddit taking over with near instant communication available. It seemed like each year I was removing more sites than I was adding. At some point around 2019 it seems like things turned around. Major platforms started pushing harder and hader to limit speech and put policies in place to ban “hate speech” without defining what that meant. Toss in the media getting caught lying over and over to and the major platforms banning/deplatforming people who noticed and people start looking elsewhere to communicate online. I think this started sending people back to anonymous image boards and got new people into creating new image boards. Today, 10 years later, there are more chans listed than at any point in the past. More traffic too:

Not only are there more imageboards than in the past, they are far more active. I remember back when AllChans was fresh going through and seeing the same content for months on many sites. Many of them would be spammed and the spam would sit for weeks. Today there are a large number of very active boards and it seems the community is growing. From my research I think there is the weakness out there of image board software not being actively developed that ends up being a road block to future sites popping up. I hope that doesn’t become the death of the smaller boards in the future.

Over the years I have hosted a couple image boards along side AllChans, none currently though. I know the time and work involved in moderating, maintaining and dealing with CP spammers. Whenever I have to remove a board that has died after being on the site a long time, I get the nostaligia feels real bad.

I want to say that I really appreciate all that these image boards do to keep running. Most of these boards are ad free and run on donations or just out of pocket for the owner. Same applies to Allchans, I think it’s running at a -$1500 loss by now, but to my benefit the site is fairly static and runs off a cheap VPS. I can imagine the costs are significantly more for an active site hosting hundreds of images.

blurry screenshot from what looks like 2013

I do miss having frame browsing of imageboards on AllChans. As some might be aware from previous posts, frames are a no-no on the internet today. One of the big reasons is the mix of https and http image boards, another is any site with hotlinking disabled would not load within a frame. A third reason is google will punish sites that use the dated frames technology. I have tried for years to find a proper menu plugin for wordpress that would allow me to set a custom “target_” on links so they could open in an iframe. (I like wordpress too much to change over to something else) I could make something somewhat usable doing that but havent seen anything that works yet.

Anyway… Happy 10th Birthday to AllChans, and I hope to keep the site going for many more years.

I tried emailing him a few months ago but the email doesnt exist anymore. I have no idea how his future turned out.

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  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations, admin. 10 years is a long road, bless your autism for keeping this place up and running all those years.

    >From my research I think there is the weakness out there of image board software not being actively developed that ends up being a road block to future sites popping up
    Interesting statement. I see a plethora of ib software on github, but few are activelly maintained, I think. I have a software too that I maintain, it’s the main reason I own an imageboard right now.

    >I have tried for years to find a proper menu plugin for wordpress that would allow me to set a custom “target_” on links so they could open in an iframe.
    Care to elaborate? I don’t think it’s rocket science to just code it up.

    1. Allchans

      If I could code I bet it would be easy to make it work. Just need a plugin to add a target field on the attributes for external links in the menu manager. Im kind of on the edge of do I want to go the frame route again or not because its not really supported anymore and was a lot of work to maintain.

      1. Anonymous

        >user clicks on imageboard link with a custom class/target/whatever property
        >a window is opened above page content (a modal if you will)
        >imageboard is displayed on iframe
        >use can click a “x” button or press “esc” to close the window
        Do you think this feature would contemplate what you want? It could be easly made with javascript.

        1. Anonymous

          You can try this snippet. Stay on this page, open your browser devtools, go to the “Console” tab and paste this javascript.
          Now, try to click my name “Anonymous” and it will open an iframe to the site referenced by the link.

          But, its still an iframe in the end. It will not load a bunch of sites because of ssl/same-origin bullshit.

  2. Anonymous

    God I remember seeing that sidebar almost 7 years ago now. So much time has gone by, I feel sad almost.

  3. Anonymous


  4. Pressing X

    >it seems the community is growing
    do you have any data to back that up? I don’t think there’s a single altchan breaking 50PPH regularly, and that includes *8chan*.

  5. All Chans

    In context, the community is growing *from a few years ago*. I said each year I was removing more and more dead sites and content was stale then a couple years ago it started growing again.

    1. Anonymous

      Dead as in inactive, or dead as in the domains expired? I hope you haven’t been pruning inactive imageboards, those are like time capsules.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for your work. I love discovering new imageboards and learning about the different communities around each one. Having an easy repository like this one to do so is wonderful.

  7. All Chans

    I dont prune inactive boards, just 404 or similar. Too much nostaligia haha.

    1. Anonymous

      Bunbunmaru appears to have 404’d

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for helping out. We really need alternate finance to deal with disgusting jewish tyranny. What those gross freaks whine about and call “hate” is awesome and I’ve been a proud shitposter since 2011 (I was online before, but not a shitposter) when I decided to go hard against political correctness because of all the stupid feminist BS at colleges. It has been quite a wild ride, but I am far more proud of doing something real for the people and my country than I have been of any volunteer work, the military, etc.

    Shitposting has been the purest and best thing of my life. I also met the love of my life doing it (pic related). [Naggers] .

  9. Homicide

    Happy belated birthday and also generic end of year festivity related wishes from 94chan.

  10. arturo


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