Added: –  It’s an IB made for the Ongezellig subcommunity on They mainly discuss topics related to the show and the sharty.
Red Channel – Open board creation, multi lingual site.
Christ-Chan – self explanatory

Indiachan – Bye! I am bored and don’t have enough motiviation to keep this site up. In last 30 days we served 3.16M requests (according to cloudflare). It was fun while it lasted. All the posts and user data will be nuked. Thanks to jannies, for keeping all the pedos and unwanted elements away from the board. – inchadmin

Torochan – down for a long period

Classic meme dump from my ~ 2010 sorny laptop final backup:

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  1. 6sebulba

    very good

  2. Anon


  3. Anonymous

    That’s racist.

  4. Nope

    “That’s racist”
    Welcome to the Internet in 2010. Remember the pools closed memes??

  5. Anonymous

    Please add

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