Hikari3 is is a newly made imageboard where boards are mainly user-created, however there’s emphasis on more friendly topics and discussions, and less on free speech. Our goal is to have a space for anyone to discuss their interests, whether its niche or mainstream, while also keeping it comfy.

Current top boards (May 2023)
/en/ – General
/v/ – Video Games
/a/ – Anime & Manga
/h3/ – Meta

screenshot from 5-30-2023

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  1. Anonymous

    >and less on free speech

  2. Anonymous

    put torochan

  3. wbek7s91o

    got banned there in like 5 minutes snowflake ass board it will die quick

  4. Anonymous

    I just fuck with those jannies and change my ip cx

  5. Anonymous

    >got banned there in like 5 minutes
    What for?

  6. ziz

    Adding neetchan.org would be cool.

    1. All Chans

      Needs moar content and then I will. Resubmit in a couple months and I’ll check it again.

  7. Anonymous

    don’t go here, staff deleted my thread for no reason, there was no gore or anything breaking the rules

  8. Anonymous

    Is this you?

  9. Anonymous

    yup, and their definition of rule 8 didnt even apply to my post in even the slightest vague way, it’s actually funny they replied to me knowing how full of shit they were, again, dont post there, staff is retarded

  10. chud

    add “Crystal.cafe”

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