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“The imageboard at the end of the universe. You can make your own imageboard for free w/o experience or technical knowledge.”

This site was created in 2015 as an 8chan clone because they were going to switch to InfinityNext

– 350mb file uploads
– dice
– youtube/niconico/tiktok/bitchute embeds
– multiple languages
– free speech (only 3 global rules)
– user created boards
– multiple server frontends (.net, .org, .gg, .chan)
– tor / lokinet
– exif stripping
– iOS file posting support
– no access-logging

12-12-23 Top Boards:

/polru/ – pol – Russian Edition
/agatha2/ – E-Girl Purgatory
/ausneets/ – AusNEETs
/bb/ – b+
/bbg/ – Bonbibonkers General
/dota/ – Dota 2
/genshin/ – Товарищеское Издание
/nido/ – Nido
/rus/ – Russian
/rapport/ – Rapport
/baaa2/ – Autism
/yuri/ – Yuri
/qrbunker/ – QR Bunker
/pol/ – Politically Incorrect
/b/ – Random

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