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3-15-2024 Dead:

If you are not already aware, is being shut down on March 15. >>>/meta/16466 Allow me to be as clear as possible: This is NOT the end of /christian/. We have endured shutdowns and deplatforming in the past, and although the board has changed hands many times and lost a lot of users (especially after 8chan went down for good), there are still quite a few users here, and I would hate to lose them again. I would like to keep the community here as long as possible, and from that point transition to the new board. However, I lack the time, experience, and patience to maintain my own imageboard, With that being said, I have made a request on to have /christian/ created. Although it is most likely not necessary, you may add your two cents for why you would like /christian/ added to the site. You may view my post here: If/When the board is created, I will post more instructions here for how I would like this transition to go. But for now, remain calm, do not panic, and continue posting as usual. We have plenty of time, and I am making sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s also the home for some bunkers. For example /robowaifu/ which is on Alogs

  2. Anonymous

    They let catholic spambots and degenerate weab moeshit trannies flood /christian/

  3. Anonymous User

    Anon Cafe will cease operation as of 15th of March 2024,00:00 UTC.

  4. Anonymous

    Anon Cafe is shutting down on March 15th 2024,00:00UTC

  5. Anonymous

    Rip Anon Cafe

  6. me

    goodnight sweet prince

  7. Anon


  8. Anonymous

    Just checked some old threads today, and man I totally missed it’s shutdown time. ;w;
    Have made some good memories. RIP Anon.Cafe

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