Boatchan – Dead is a crappy imageboard for people who like 2000’s crap or crap in general, feel nice and at home here if you aren’t a [bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel.]

Board list as of 3-24-2022 (some are still being recovered and rebuilt)


Normal Boards

  • /b/ – Random
  • /v/ – Vidya Gaems
  • /a/ – Anime
  • /t/ – Technology/Science
  • /e/ – Hentai
  • /m/ – Music
  • /i/ – Art
  • /cook/ – Cooking General
  • /tor/ – Torrents

Original Boards

  • /c/ – Cleveland Worshipping
  • /h/ – Hank Hill Board
  • /cat/ – CATS!


  • /g/ – Guro
  • /q/ – Feels
  • [sbs] – Shit Boatchan Says
  • /baka/ – Touhou Board
  • /meta/ – Complain
  • /l/ – Lounge Of Chillin
  • /up/ – Upload Board
boat chan 3-24-2022

The board died around the end of April after relaunching on a new host.

9-23-22 re-adding since it is back. Current boards are:

 [b / c / cat / i / t / v / baka] [sbs]

9-23-22 screenshot

Marking as dead 6-30-2023 – the domain has been stolen it appears…

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Somebois


  3. Somebois

    Boatchan is down for a tiny bit but it will be back so dont remove this mr owner man

  4. All Chans

    Sure, thanks for the heads up because Ive been checking links and removing and adding stuff this week.

  5. Anonymous

    yeah im sure my host just totally FUCKED me right in my butthole so im trying to find a new host, which is taking a long fuckin time, you can leave it dead until i put it back up

  6. Somebois

    boatchan is almost back, we found a good host thanks to yushe of 3chan so we should be back in a few days if things go well

  7. Anonymous

    Bro, so sorry that happened to you, have you considered decentralized hosting like Zeronet/Freenet?

  8. Jason

    I dont understand how its a big issue if the site is moderated and doesn’t contain illegal content. Is it that a hosting plan costs too much and that is why or are these hosts literally finding out you have an image board and ending your service?

  9. Somebois

    they wanted my info ALL MY INFO not even just my banking info which i gave, they wanted everything.

  10. Somebois

    down for a bit, i gotta pay for it so it should be back up tonight i swear lol

    1. pixel

      hey somebois if youre reading this it’s pixel, i got disabled on my old acc ages ago if you see this add me on my new acc pixel#2450

      1. All Chans

        Pixel, I sent him your comment as an email. Im just not sure if he checks the email anymore because he didnt reply to my last one a few weeks ago. Worth a try though.

        1. Somebois

          oh shit soz dude i do check it i just didnt see yours maybe it didnt go through? i did see the one you just had recently sent me

          1. Somebois

            im real sorry for my lack of communication lol

        2. pixel

          thanks but i literally just got my acc back after a month LOL

  11. Anonymous

    which was ur hosting provider that kicked u off so the rest of us know to avoid their business? regardless which host u choose u should always hide it with cloudflare free service so no one can concern troll.
    ramnode offers $3/mo vps with 160GB HDD btw, and they accept bitcoin payments too. not sure of any other vps provider that sells for that cheap with that high storage.

    1. All Chans

      Looks like its pretty much just vichan that is somewhat maintained. I was able to buy a shared cpanel hosting plan off ramnode for $4 and get vichan installed in an hour having little experience. I had to change php level and enable some php extensions in cpanel… git didn’t work (sounds like something happened on Jan 11th of this year) so I just downloaded the zip off github and uploaded via FTP. Also, the vichan script said php 7.0 was explicitly supported so I went with that, but then the instructions for installing said to run “composer install” and that required I switch to 7.2. Cloudflare enabled just fine and added SSL and the only setting I changed in there was automatic https rewrites.

      Seems to run snappy on a $4 shared hosting plan.. $4 is a deal for cpanel and litespeed.

      Its too bad vichan doesn’t have better safety features like first time posting by IP address your post gets flagged for review by a mod before showing up. Once you have an approved post that is bypassed. Thinking through that one.. you would probably need a IP and password match or VPNs would get approved. Or email mod on new post for the more dead image boards for better moderation. One of those scripts used to have that, KusabaX or Trevorchan I cannot remember which.

  12. All Chans

    I should probably make a page with some info on board hosting and peoples recommendations and sites to avoid. I havent hosted a board for a while to know what software is best now though.
    I had great service from databasemart in the past.
    If you get their plans on sale its usually a reoccurring 50% off. I was paying $21 a month for 6 cores and 16gb of ram. No issues hosting an image board or allchans on there. Ive since moved AllChans to managed hosting though because I dont linux and when something breaks I cant fix it. Joes datacenter i used years ago for server colocation with great success for other projects.
    Allchans is now running bloated wordpress with what cloudflare claims is 10,000 to 15,000 unique visitors a day on a 1gb 1 core vps lol.

  13. Somebois

    Alright boatchan is back up had to do something with my domain so its not like its insane

  14. mio12

    What happened to boatchan?

  15. All Chans

    “also to some unfortunate events boatchan is down, for good, yeahhhh” thats all I have.

  16. Somebois

    alright. so its been a bit and im just here to say that i might reopen it, im not trying to get your hopes up but im just saying. we could do it now. not as big as it was before but just a little boatchan community would be nice. i know i might have left alot of you down and im sorry for that, the main reason that i didnt try as hard as i could of to bring it back after awhile i felt like i had let everyone down and i just didnt wanna return, but i might bring it back. this message for all of the boatchan users and for getman in specific, im sorry if i let you down but just give me one more chance, 3rd times a charm

    1. Anonymous

      Cool story bro, I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

    2. Getman

      Hello Somebois,
      It looks like the site is down. Do you plan on ever re-opening it or are you done for good?
      I would be willing to help you with the imageboard again.

      1. Somebois

        might be a little late but yeah id like that since i revived it for the 59th time, boat never sinks

  17. Somebois

    BOATCHAN IS BACK ((((((::::::::

  18. Somebois

    fuck i posted it two times because i thought the other didnt go through soz

    1. Allchans

      Comments with links go to moderation because spam. Ill get boatchan readded soon.

  19. Somebois

    also boatchan is up

  20. Somebois

    Its not dead the site just got fucked up so me and one of my special mods are fixing it up

  21. Somebois

    boatchan isnt dead the site just got fucked up so me and one of my special mods are fixing it up

  22. Somebois

    it came back up a few days ago and we reached 1k get

  23. Anonymous

    Boatchan domain got sniped by a turk

  24. Anonymous

    Is this the end of boat?

    1. Somebois

      yeah, if we were to come back it would be doubt, changing the name to disassociate would be a deservice to a group of my friends and honest ive moved on, it was fun but now it has too much baggage for it to even be worth it, it would feel like me grabbing on to something for dear life and to keep relevance

  25. Anonymous

    boat sailed and sank πŸ™‚

  26. Jake

    HHhhhh, to be honest I’ll never miss πŸ™‚ I already deported myself to *spammy prons site that is a blog style not imageboard*

  27. Anonymous

    boatchan gonna live?

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