Audiochan – dead

This is a unique one: Audiochan is the first audio-imageboard, where anyone anonymously can make threads and comment with audio instead of plain text. 


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  1. Leop

    Thanks for adding us!

  2. Zeepik

    Cool chan

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Y’all aint even list 94chan or mewch

  6. Anonymous

    is cool imageboard or chan so i give 10/10

  7. Anonymous

    is audiochan kill?

  8. Anonymous

    Audiochan is dead

    1. All Chans

      It is working for me now. Must have been a temp downtime.

  9. Anonymous

    Where’s the paranormal thread?

  10. Anonymous

    why it gotta be dead man :c

  11. Leop
    This way Audiochan can continue to live, enjoy the chaos and also actual decent, weird and funny conversations in audio. If you plan to use and host this, be aware of audio abusers! It has been fun to listen to many posts during the times it was up, thanks for those who made me laugh. I made it open source for everyone interested in for the code behind Audiochan. Much love and farewell, Leop.

  12. Anonymous

    faggot whyd you close it

  13. Anonymous

    wtf happend i want to use it

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