Frens chan – Dead

Frenschan was made for users of 4chan that have become fed up with the excessive amounts of degeneracy plaguing /b/ and /pol/. Fren Chan is a cozy place to post anonymously and a safe haven for free speech.

Current board selection: marked dead on 6-22-2022, cloudflare 522 error.

6-23-2022, Frenschan is back and moved to a new domain and new host.

12-12-23 screenshot:

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  1. Allchans

    Dead? Anyone know what the status is?

  2. Heywood jablowme

    They will eat ze bugs.

  3. Anonymous

    Near as I can tell, they signed up to Cloudflare, to get ddos protection and rather predictably, Cloudflare murdered them.

  4. GreenAnon

    Terrible chan run amuk of fake frens, nonfrens, and all sorts of blatantly unfrenly behavior.

    1. Anonymous

      >a place for free speech
      Hahahahahaha look at this [bundle of sticks] gave me a good laugh XD

  5. Nobody

    they require javascript for captchas, but it looks like I’m not missing out on much

  6. anon

    i love frens chan
    it’s cozy and comfy and has intelligent discourse

    1. Anonymous

      Frenschan is full of faggot admins who think they are the saviors of the white race
      Almost none existent user base, it’s just 5-10 people max in there, anyone can see the site is doa.

  7. Nah

    Userbase: More active than most despite what others here have said

    Culture: Hard Right Wing, but lacks the classic Weeb ethos every other channel embraces

    Pros: almost entirely SFW besides hate speech and the non spammy threads allow for better conversation than the larger channels, their approach to administration seems remarkably democratic for a chan and even have open threads asking for suggestions on rules.

    Cons: the constant Spurdo, Soyjak, Wojak, Pepe, Apu, posts make me feel like I’m in a Salty Cracker fan club but I get it it’s a theme. Whatever.

    6/10 chan, definitely has potential to become a backroom

  8. Anon

    FC is by far my favorite altchan and definitely the most active altchan atm. No porn, no trannies, shills banned on sight. VPNs and TOR posting allowed, which is nice. If you’re a fan of old /pol/ or 16chan this is the imageboard for you. The Frog posting is a bit annoying at first but it grows on you.

  9. anon


    Use Twitter and follow the #’s

  10. Anon

    Frenschan is the furthest thing from a “haven for free speech.” Go against group think and you get the ban hammer, picrel.

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