Board Cleanup

  • Bunbunmaru was removed (404)
  • was added – I dont usually add foreign boards because content is hard to review, but this one is massive and at least on PC converts to english easily.
  • domain updated

Think I am upto date on my contact emails.. send another via the contact pages or comment below if I missed anything. FYI – when a chan is reported dead I usually give it a month or two before removing it in case it comes back.

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  1. HurrDurr


  2. Anonymous

    The Krautchan you posted is not the original. It actually has a bunch of domain names but people call it “” which was the original one. There’s also Kohlchan, another of the Krautchan-like ibs, which probably has more traffic than Ernstchan is another too but that one is kinda dead last time I checked.

    1. All Chans

      I think kohlchan was removed for naughty content

      edit.. yup

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