Board Cleanup – Removals

A few dead boards have been removed due to extended downtime.  16chan.xzy,,,,

22chan has posted a link to which is a chatroom for the site.

If anyone has any history on what happened to these sites or know if they have changed domains or plan on relaunching, feel free to comment. No login needed to comment, but comments with links are held for moderation.

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Let me know if any obvious image boards are missing. I think things are pretty caught up. I even went poking through old emails of requests I had initially declined for being empty of content and too new. I can’t say I am shocked, but 99% of them are dead links.

Leave a comment below, no login needed and let me know, or use the request form.

Im digging in my 2011 AIDS folder tonight. Memes have evolved a bit.

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AllChans Button

Add the AllChans button to your website to support us! Use the html code below to display the above button on your site. Feel free to self host the thumbnail and swap out the image link.

AllChans Button

I’m creating this post so I can remove the code from the side bar.

<a title="AllChans - Anon Image Board Catalog and Top List - Overchan" href=""><img src="" alt="Visit AllChans, the largest imageboard Catalog featuring the top chans" style="border:1px solid #00f; height:31px; margin:2px; width:88px;" /></a>
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Site Removed

I had removed a site off the link list a few days ago after a couple people reported inappropriate content on it. Someone in the comments “ZBraff” provided a detailed history and context of what was going on today. I ended removing the whole post rather than just removing the links because it was still bringing attention to a site with bad content or a reputation for illegal content. The post and comments on it are gone now. Thanks to everyone who reports and comments and provides detailed info like “ZBraff” did. This is why I have no log-in anonymous commenting here on AllChans.

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Banner Updated

Its been 9 years and I was bored.. figured it was time to refresh the banner so it was wide enough for today’s screens. I had the original background image still but couldn’t figure out the original font so that is new.

Also new is the site has moved to a new server. Went from a 1 core 1gb VPS to 6 core 16gb with litespeed for wordpress optimization.

Removed GhostChan as well since it is dead.

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Top Meme of 2021 –

No account needed! Post a comment with your favorite meme of 2021. I don’t know if there is enough of a community her to be worth it, or if its just 3000+ lurkers a day, but post your favorite meme of 2021 below. It will likely be flagged as spam and not show up at first, don’t worry I will approve it and it will show up in a day or two. For image hosting, just pick a random /b/ board and upload there and grab a link. Image uploading now built into the comments. It will be held for moderation, but no account is needed.

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Quick Note about Requesting Additions

I get about 4-5 new board addition requests a week. 90% of them fall into categories of being either empty of content except a few test posts, filled with what is obviously the same person posting random junk to make the board look active, or they have names that would get this site further flagged on search engines (aka explicit pron names). I usually don’t add these – for the most part these boards don’t have a community and are not active and are more likely to be spammed and not monitored. Many of them are dead if I check back a couple months later to see if things have improved. When a real email is provided I try and let people know and often hear back they need to be added to get a community of posters. That just isn’t true on these sites because 99% of their boards are the same boards found on many of these other sites so there is nothing unique to draw in a community.

If any of you write the software used for imageboards, I think one of the best tools that could be added is email notification to admins of new posts. This feature would let these smaller less active boards stop spam and delete illegal posting quicker. Back in the day I had bugged the creator of Thorn (I think) for this feature and it was implemented I think only for me, but that project I believe is long gone. In haven’t run an imageboard in a couple years now so maybe this is something baked into the newer software choices. It was a huge help though.

Unrelated to this post about low quality submissions I did get a request for ~5 different boards today that appear to be worth adding. I will try and vet and get them added in the next week.

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Free Speech Suppression

I do not want to use this platform for picking political sides and I am not going to. I do care about free speech however, as do many image board owners. Over the years a lot of the requests to add on this site come from image board owners who say they created their site because they were banned from 4chan and wanted to promote free speech WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE LAW. As the creator and manager of two now dead imageboards I can relate to the need to promote free speech even if I wanted to delete content I disagreed with when moderating.

There is a purge going on attacking free speech online that escalated yesterday. Many sites promoting free speech are down now and many public figures and supporting groups have been banned on the larger sites. This is creating a period of “darkness” for information on one side while another side is able to paint the picture without question.

I am making this post to bring attention and light to imageboards hosting /pol/ or political boards for discussion. (gone)

If anyone knows of other boards with /pol/ boards, comment below and I will try and approve comments as fast as possible. You can also post links to non-image board sites for open political discussion or news as well.

I plan on deleting this post when things settle down because like I said above, I do not want this website to have a political motivation. This is only for legal free speech currently under attack.

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