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Lynx Chan

February 20, 2016 at 6:07 am

An imageboard engine running off node.js.

Why would I adopt LynxChan?

A runtime 30x faster than PHP
Flexibility for both chans with or without user-owned boards
Over 50 settings that allow you to customize the engine behavior
A modular front-end that uses pure HTML templates, making visual customization as easy as it gets
A database that easily allows sysadmins to add more db servers to the stack
Memcache for files, reducing disk usage
More features than any other available engine
Specs completely documented
Json api for every feature or data
Does not require external javascript
Does not require users to run javascript
Improved anti-spam tools provided as first-party add-ons.

Lynx Chan

More information at Lynx Chan

February 17, 2016 at 8:48 pm

February 15, 2016 at 9:27 am

Most Popular Imageboards

February 12, 2016 at 8:18 am

Here is a list of the top 40 most visited imageboards for the past month on AllChans:

Imageboard Name Board/Link
boards.4chan.org/b/ random
8chan.co/ 8Chan.co
boards.4chan.org/gif/ Animated GIF
boards.4chan.org/s/ Sexy Beautiful Women
69chan.net/s/ Sexy Women
7chan.org/s/ Sexy Beautiful Women
99chan.org/s/ /s/ – SEXY BITCHES
virginchan.org/b/ /b/ – Virginchan
xchan.pw/porn/ Porn
boards.4chan.org/v/ Video Games
swfchan.org/fap.shtml Porn
boards.4chan.org/hc/ Hardcore
aurorachan.net/h/ /h/ – Hentai
69chan.net/h/ hentai
aurorachan.net/b/ /b/ – Random
boards.4chan.org/r/ Request
boards.4chan.org/d/ Hentai/Alternative
ichan.org/s/ Sexy Women
https://au.vichan.net/b/ /b/ – Random
69chan.net/b/ random
aurorachan.net/loli/ /loli/ – Loli
hispachan.org/sex/ /sex/ – Sexo
puertochan.org/cs/ /cs/ – Chicas
boards.4chan.org/co/ Comics & Cartoons
7chan.org/ss/ Straight Shotacon
314chan.org/b/ /b/ – Fortuitous Folly
boards.4chan.org/h/ hentai
snuffchan.com/chan/index.php?chan=alpha&id=0&user=0 Gagged Girls
7chan.org/gif/ Animated Gifs
boards.4chan.org/a/ Anime & Manga
diochan.com/s/ /s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women
99chan.org/34/ /34/ – There is porn of it.
krautchan.net/s/ /s/ – Sexy Frauen
virginchan.org/9/ /9/ – Five
nahc4.com/b/ /b/ – *Random*
newchan.com/adult/ /adult/
newfapchan.org/s/ /s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women
xchan.pw/h/ hentai
7chan.org/di/ Sexy Beautiful Traps
dejimachan.org/b/ Willekeurig (18+)

Hanako – Image Board Software

February 10, 2016 at 7:29 pm

New imageboard software has been developed using node.js called Hanako.

Hanako – is a modernized and highly functional engine for anonymous forum (imageboard), which combines wide opportunities and capabilities of Wakaba and Kusaba along with easiness in configuration. It can be used “as is”, and can also be modified to suit your needs, which is facilitated by the open source and commenting possibility of the code. Particularly worth mentioning is its high operational speed and fault tolerance.

More information and guides here: Hanako Image Board Software


At least one other node.js based imageboard software is out there that Ill feature soon as well.   Comments here do not require logins, which board software is best and why?

Board Requests

February 8, 2016 at 7:28 am

If you have an imageboard you would like listed on AllChans just fill out the small form here:  AllChans Imageboard Submission Form

If you manage a board listed on AllChans and links need to be updated use that same form to contact me and we can get it straightened out.

Finally… this page now allows anon posting on posts with images.. some posts will be flagged for moderation before showing though.



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