An independent competitor to 8chan, styled 8chan.moe, that was created in 2020 as a home for dispossessed imageboard communities from around the Internet. It has no affiliation with 8kun or that site’s owners, but offers features similar to the original 8chan such as user-created boards and volunteer-managed communities. The site adheres to free-speech principles, although with a much stronger emphasis on prohibiting illegal content than the original 8chan had. Popular boards include:

/v/ – Videogames
/b/ – Random
/hisrol/ – CYOA
/vt/ – Vtuber General Discussion
/digi/ – Net Hangout
/t/ – Technology and computers
/co/ – Comics and Cartoons
/monarchy/, /liberty/, and /fascism/ – the political trifecta boards
/hispachan/, /arepa/, /mex/, /ac/, and several other Spanish-language boards rescued from the collapse of Hispachan.org in 2022
Several boards for all the various types of artwork and hentai
Niche fetish boards like /tkr/ – Tickling Refuge
The #GamerGate archive – /gamergatehq/
and many, many, many more.

8chan.moe utilizes a powerful, dedicated server running Stephen Lynx’s LynxChan imageboard software, which the site staff have played an active role in developing features for since 2020. The site possesses the most advanced frontend of any website using LynxChan, and the staff have developed several other open-source tools and novel concepts around the site, including distributed administration, custom caching solutions, streaming sites, imageboard database importers and converters, Tor-based video hosting, Tor-network proxies, and custom-coded anti-spam and anti-DDoS protective measures for the benefit of all anons who post there.

The backup domain is located at 8chan.se. .cc is a third fallback. TOR access can be foundĀ here, or you can access the TOR portal from the clearnet atĀ Redchannit 2.0

8chan.moe home page 6-26-2022
8chan.moe /b/ random 6-26-2022

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  1. All Chans

    I’ve had 8chan.moe listed as 8chan for a long time and didnt know the history. I changed it to 8chan.moe on the image board menu.

  2. Anonymous

    Fair word of warning: they hosted several literal CP boards and had year long running generals about “cute girls” filled with pictures of half naked children (note: not anime lolis, actual children). This a site you want to go to if you’re an actual pedophile, given the admin maintains pedophilia is a free speech issue. Also worthy of note the admin himself has history with the feds and openly brags about passing user information to the police.

  3. Anonymous

    8chan.moe still having problems doesn’t surprise me in the least, it’s not a site anyone should go to if you’re just starting out on using alt imageboards.

  4. All Chans

    Right, and I have to play the game of.. do I allow it to be linked on here or not? But at this point I haven’t ever seen anything illegal on there and I assume if they allow the illegal stuff then that site wouldn’t be that hard for FEDs to van. In other words, it’s not a tiny chan hidden in the depths of the internets no one is watching, it’s a big popular site so it has eyes on it.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    They never allowed CP. They gave pedos from 9chan a discussion/containment board to talk on and then banned it because those same pedos started posting CP on it after swearing they wouldn’t. The FUD that some *BUNDLE OF STICKS*gots spread about the site is insane.

  8. Anonymous

    >they never allowed pedos
    Sure. The site being blocked in Russia and it losing 50% of its userbase in the span of a few months is certainly not due to pedo boards and threads being allowed under the guise of “free speech”. Also the admin totally doesn’t openly collaborate and pass user data and IP to authorities while being under no obligation to do so. It’s all FUD, goy, please visit my totally not a honeypot totally real based 8chan kawaii moe kyun. Kill yourself immediately, pedo apologist.

  9. Anonymous

    I see that even this place isn’t safe from salty herd*PEOPLE WHO ANNOY YOU* mad that 8moe exists. You’ve been waging this campaign of *BUNDLE OF STICKS*gotry for months there and on other imageboards. Consider going outside. And maybe taking a bath.

  10. Anonymous

    Claims about 8chan being a den of pedophiles are exaggerated, to say the least.
    Let me make these clear, since a lot of “concerned Anonymous users” from certain other Imageboards have constantly tried to get it off the net for a while, for their pathetic inter-board drama reasons:

    1) No, 8chan does not host any CP. In fact, it hosts no content that is illegal under US law. This might sound weird, considering some of the boards on the site, but all the items are 100% legal. The admins have deleted boards that ran fast and loose with this concept (one particularly egregious example of such board came from /hebe/, where “young children appreciators” tried to pass their remarks as innocuous. At first, they were deemed to not be technically breaking any rules – none of the content was sexual in nature – but after some months of digging, the board owner was linked to other pedophiles making a mess out of 8/b/, he was promptly sacked, his board wiped and similar boards are deleted as soon as they’re found out).
    2) TOR posting is allowed. What’s not allowed (at least temporarily, according to the site owners) is file posting through TOR.
    3) No, it does not hold any user data. It does not require external Javascript or cookies to work – though enabling cookies allows you to post during spammers’ attacks thanks to a system of watermarking the lynxchan devs created.
    4) No, it’s not affiliated with Qanons, Trump, Flat Earthers, MGTOW and any other institution. In fact, it’s not a political imageboard at all – it contains boards for all major political ideologies, but they’re extremely small and not the focus of the website.
    5) No, the owners are not feds. The only one that may have any link to them is a gun shop owner who pays for some of the server costs, and that’s only because he has served orders to three-letter-agencies – which incidentally is the reason why they do not respond to any “concerned citizen” who spams boards with porn and then complains to the ISP.
    6) No, it doesn’t run raids, allow for threats of violence towards groups or individual, nor does it host terrorists.
    7) Yes, it’s the de facto new Hispachan and Indiachan (ever since those sites croaked).

  11. Anonymous

    8moe is a cool imageboard, I just wish it wasn’t so centralized around /v/. Like 3/4 of that board could be easily moved into /t/, /a/ or /tg/; because of that it’s quite hard to rise a board from scratch. Pretty much the /v/ moderation said they keep the gg hangout thread just because it increases board’s pph despite their “movement” being quite dead at this point and their thread getting reduced to retard bait and obnoxious circlejerk despite by everybody.
    By the way, the lastest redchannit version is this one:
    You should update the url.

  12. Anonymous

    virus site, do not visit

    1. All Chans

      What happened? Nothing bad happens when I visit.

  13. kuz


  14. Anonymous

    The other anon claiming it’s le virus site is a schizo from a minor imageboard. Ignore him.
    By the way, you should add a blurb somewhere in the description that 8chan is now also the home of the ex-hispachan imageboard. Long story short, hispachan’s administrator got fed up of being called a tard, refused to fix his site once it was done and most of the anons who were visiting that site moved onto 8chan on their own specific boards. /hisparefugio/ is basically as large as /v/.

  15. Anonymous

    yes yes yes it some

  16. Anonymous

    is 8chan working now? where did he go, maybe there is a new link?

  17. Anonymous

    Fall back sites are:
    If all else fails grab the TOR link

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